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PTSDog: Post Traumatic Stress disorder and the service Dog is a book about Service Dogs, Disabled Veterans, PTSD, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Author Joaquin Juatai is writing PTSDog as the go-to resource for people who need to understand the law, understand how Service Dogs work, or just want to read the stories of the Disabled Veterans who use them. Through interviews and photos with other PTSDog handlers, Juatai is painting a picture of the challenges these handlers face in their day-to-day lives, and how their dogs provide effective support to help enable them to overcome their disabilities.

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Public Speaking

My PTSDog Skeeter and I  are available to speak to interested groups about Service Dogs, the ADA, or PTSD Service Dogs specifically at any time! Our schedule is flexible and rates very reasonable. 

Does your store or facility need training about Service Dogs and their access? Contact PTSDog!


PTSDog Skeeter and I will be attending events throughout the summer to promote the book! Stay tuned for more information!

The book

PTSDog has been written and the manuscript has been accepted by the publishing company! My editor and I are working through final edits, and I am raising funds to take the book to publication!

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