Joaquin Juatai and PTSDog Skeeter

Author, photographer, and Service Dog advocate Joaquin Juatai is a 15-year Veteran of the United States Navy. During his Service as a Navy Journalist, Juatai's accolades include being named the Department of the Navy's Print Journalist of the Year for 2002. Juatai's experience writing and editing for command newspapers, and producing video and radio for shipboard commands, lead naturally to his transition to author.

After an injury that left Juatai unable to continue his Navy career, he chose to train and use a Service Dog to help deal with the terrible effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As he became more active with his PTSDog Skeeter, he realized that the amount of disinformation about Service Dogs, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and specifically Psychological Service Dogs, such as Skeeter, was astonishing. Looking for a new mission in life, Juatai created the online Facebook community PTSDog, and began reaching out to his fellow Veterans.

As he meets and interviews Veterans who use Service Dogs, Justai has become well versed on the laws regarding their use, and has even teamed up with a non-profit organization called CAMA, Canine Alert and Medical Assistance, to begin placing Service Dogs with Disabled Veterans in need.

Juatai created PTSDog Presents: Barks for Battles to raise funds to pay for CAMA Service Dogs, so that they could be placed with Veterans at no cost. Juatai, along with CAMA director Craig Patterson, hope to create the first of many regional Service Dog Training Centers in the Roseburg, Oregon area.