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PTSDog: Post Traumatic Stress disorder and the Service Dog is a book about Service Dogs, Disabled Veterans, PTSD, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Author Joaquin Juatai wrote PTSDog as the go-to resource for people who need to understand the law, understand how Service Dogs work, or just want to read the stories of the Disabled Veterans who use them. Through interviews and photos with other PTSDog handlers, Juatai paints a picture of the challenges these handlers face in their day-to-day lives, and how their dogs provide effective support to help enable them to overcome their disabilities.

The reviews are in! Readers agree that this book is a MUST READ!

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Joaquin breaks them down into easy to digest and remember sections

"I've just about finished reading my copy of PTSDog, and I just wanted to say Thank You to Joaquin Juatai for writing this. I've spent a lot of time educating myself on the ADA laws and trying to educate those we encounter in public as well. But, it's difficult. He has put into words many of our own frustrations and helped us to vocalize some of those we couldn't. This book is an essential tool in helping others to understand and share our knowledge and experiences. Plus, it is plainly written and easy to follow and comprehend. We will definitely be sharing our copy, and encouraging others to buy and share as well."

Melissa Hughes & Jäger, PTSDog team, disabled Navy veteran

Seen a Service Dog? Want to understand what they truly are and the job they perform? This is a great place learn!

Joaquin and Skeeter are a great pair and their handle and understanding of the laws and biases faced by anyone with a invisible disability is really second to none. I followed them on FB as they traveled the country gathering the information for this book. If you think you might benefit from an SD, or even more importantly if you want to understand facts about service dogs, this book is worth the price. This not a How Skeeter saved his life story (There is some of that in there of course) but about SD's and how they can truly save the life of people suffer from forms of PTSD and other invisible disabilities.

AllanH and MAddie, PTSDog team

Clear, consise, realistic information about service dog teams
 and issues that affect them

I bought the ebook 2 and a half hours ago and just finished reading it. I have so many thoughts I’d like to express, but all I can muster to say right now is thank you. I wish I had this resource 4 years ago when making decisions about my PTSDog. What a clear, concise, and realistic look at service dog teams and the issues that affect them! Great work! This book will help so many people, and I believe it will ultimately save lives just as some of the stories shared in its pages allude. 

Shari Lambeth (& Caedmon) Paramedic

Public Speaking

My PTSDog Skeeter and I  are available to speak to interested groups about Service Dogs, the ADA, or PTSD Service Dogs specifically at any time! Our schedule is flexible and rates very reasonable. 

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PTSDog Skeeter and I will be attending events throughout the summer to promote the book! Stay tuned for more information!

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***If you order the book from Amazon, please consider using smile.amazon.com, and choosing the DV Farm as your charity of choice!

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